General Aftercare

  • Elevate and rest the surgery site to reduce swelling. Hold the site at or above the level of the heart as much as possible.
  • Keep your surgical dressing dry and intact until your post-operative appointment. Sponge baths rather than showers will help to keep the dressings dry.
  • Wetting the wound in the first post-operative week can increase the risk of infection and delay wound healing

Please refer to instructions for specific procedure

You are provided with Dr Sian Fairbank's mobile number following surgery and should contact her with your concerns after hours. During business hours, her practice nurse is available to provide support and will determine the urgency of the issue. Issues may include:

  • Excessive bleeding without resolution when applying constant pressure for 10-15mins
  • Severe pain that is not resolved with simple analgesia
  • If the surgery site becomes swollen/hot/red or if you can detect a foul odour from the dressing
  • If dressing falls off, please phone the clinic to check whether your wound is safe to be uncovered until post op appointment

Business hours:
*If you cannot contact Dr Fairbank or the clinic and are still concerned, please present to your GP or to the nearest hospital emergency department*


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